Chepstow 2023 Fixture List


31 August 2022

Sunday 8th January

Tuesday 17th January

Friday 3rd February 
Saturday 25th February (Six Nations Race Day)
Sunday 19th March (Student Race Day)
Thursday 23rd March 
Monday 10th April (Easter Monday)
Saturday 15th April (Grand National Day)
Friday 28th April (Evening)
Tuesday 16th May (First flat meeting)
Friday 2nd June 
Saturday 10th June (Evening)
Friday 16th June 
Monday 26th June 
Monday 10th July (Evening)
Friday 14th July (Ladies Evening)
Thursday 20th July 
Friday 28th July (Caribbean Night)
Thursday 24th August 
Monday 28th August (Bank Holiday Family Day)
Monday 4th September (Last flat fixture)
Friday 13th October (Jump Season Opener)
Saturday 14th October (Jump Season Opener)
Tuesday 31st October 
Wednesday 8th November 
Friday 24th November 

Saturday 9th December 

Wednesday 27th December (Coral Welsh Grand National)

Chepstow Racecourse

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