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06 September 2019

Chepstow Racecourse & Piercefield Park once again played host to the Green Gathering this August.  

The Green Gathering has been at Piercefield Park since 2010, meaning next years event will be the ten year anniversary for the event.  
With just over 4,000 people attending across the weekend it is certainly going from strength to strength. 

Steve Muggeridge, one of the event co-ordinators praised the part Chepstow Racecourse play in hosting the festival; 
"We had another successful year for the Green Gathering with many more people informed about Green issues and many families entertained. The Green Gathering has become an annual institution for Chepstow, welcomed by many local businesses and people. 

“Piercefield Park is an exceptional location for outdoor events due to its' outstanding views over the Severn, the elegant ruin of Piercefield House, the site topography and the extensive embedded history on the site. In addition to this greenfield facility, CRC has excellent travel communications, entrance and traffic management facilities, assisting access in all weathers. 

“The Green Gathering is further assisted in its' location at Piercefield by a supportive and positive relationship with Chepstow Racecourse and Monmouth County Council. The Green Gathering currently also has some financial support from the Welsh Government due to its' assessment of the economic benefits of the event on Chepstow and Wales in general. 
In 2018, that economic benefit to Chepstow was calculated to be worth approximately £487,000.” 

General Manager of the racecourse Caroline Williams was delighted to welcome Green Gathering back for a ninth consecutive year 
“Events like Green Gathering are great for the racecourse. The venue is here 365 days a year and we need to capitalise on the great space we have on the days when there is no racing. We are set to welcome over 125,000 people to the racecourse in 2019 and we are hoping to continually grow this in 2020. ” 

Provisional dates for the ten year anniversary in 2020 will be Thursday 30th July to Sunday 2nd August. 
If you are interested in talking to somebody about holding an event, inside or out, at Chepstow Racecourse, get in touch with the team; or call 01291 622 260. 


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