Bio Wave Sponsor Sunday 21st March' Fixture At Chepstow


19 March 2021

Chepstow is delighted to announce a new sponsor for the fixture on Sunday 21st March.  The card is being supported by BioWave.

BioWave is an external, drug-free, pain management device that blocks pain at the source. It works by using high frequency electric pulses that block pain signals being sent to the brain. 

It has been proven to block pain and helps reduce the need for patients to use addictive pain medication. Clinical studies have shown that 85% of people experienced a significant reduction in pain, on average for 8 hours, from just one 30-minute treatment 

BioWave has been successfully used in the USA for over 15 years within elite sports and in clinical settings.

In the UK there have been product trials with various professional teams and athletes including Premier League football, rugby union, rugby league clubs and numerous jockeys including Richard Johnson and Daryl Jacob. 

BioWave will be launching to the general public and elite sports very soon and will be available be buy via

There are seven races on Sunday from 2.05pm all live on Sky Sports Racing.




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