2020 Race Meetings Announced


12 August 2019

2020 Chepstow Fixtures

There will be a total of 30 scheduled fixtures at Chepstow in 2020 with 16 jump meetings and 14 flat fixtures, and with a number of dates that have become synonymous with the racecourse, now is the time to block them out in your diary. 

Ones you don’t want to miss; 
We once again have two bank holiday Monday dates, the first in April (13th) followed by the second at the end of August (31st).  

The two-day Jump season opener festival which has become a real highlight in the racing calendar returns to Chepstow on Friday (9th) and Saturday (10th) of October where there are sure to be some of the ‘ones to watch’ for the season on show.  

Then, of course, there is the big one, The Coral Welsh Grand National which will take place on Sunday 27th December.  

Themes, pricing and music acts are to be announced at a later date. 

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Monday 6th   Afternoon   Jump 
Friday 17th     Afternoon   Jump 
Friday 31st     Afternoon   Jump 

*Saturday 22nd   Afternoon    Jump 

Monday 2nd      Afternoon    Jump 
Thursday 19th   Afternoon    Jump 

Saturday 4th      Afternoon    Jump 
*Monday 13th     Afternoon    Jump 
Friday 24th         Evening       Jump 

Friday 1st           Afternoon    Flat 
Tuesday 12th    Afternoon    Flat 

Saturday 6th       Evening       Flat 
Friday 12th          Afternoon    Flat 
Monday 22nd     Afternoon    Flat 
Tuesday 30th     Evening        Flat 

*Friday 10th       Evening      Flat 
Thursday 16th   Afternoon  Flat 
Friday 24th        Evening       Flat 

Tuesday 11th      Afternoon    Flat 
Thursday 20th   Afternoon    Flat 
Monday 24th      Afternoon    Flat 
*Monday 31st      Afternoon    Flat 

Thursday 10th      Afternoon   Flat 

*Friday 9th             Afternoon     Jump (Jump Season Opener) 
*Saturday 10th     Afternoon     Jump (Jump Season Opener) 
Tuesday 27th        Afternoon     Jump 

Monday 9th          Afternoon    Jump 
Friday 20th           Afternoon    Jump 

*Saturday 5th       Afternoon   Jump (Coral Welsh Grand National Trial) 
*Sunday 27th       Afternoon   Jump (Coral Welsh Grand National) 

*highlights feature race day (more to be confirmed).

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