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10th July - Sponsored By Blake Morgan In Support Of Llamau


28 June 2023

Racegoers at Chepstow will be helping to end homelessness in Wales when they attend the Blake Morgan Race Day, in support of Llamau on July 10.

The six-race flat meeting is being backed by the leading UK law firm, in order to raise funds for the Wales-based charity that aims to ensure young and vulnerable people have safe places to stay.

Last year, Blake Morgan sponsored the event and helped raise over £7,000, but there are high hopes the totals this year will far exceed that figure.

Lucy Walker, business development manager at Blake Morgan, says: “We have secured all the individual sponsors again this year, but we have doubled in size.

“It’s a fantastic evening for everyone who comes along. They get to watch some exciting racing from the hospitality balconies, they get to go down to the parade ring and help choose the best turned out horses, and it’s also a fabulous networking opportunity.

“The sponsorships are focused towards the property and construction industry because they have such a key influence in the area of accommodation. The Future Generations Act heavily influences procurement, meaning where there is Welsh Government money involved, companies have to adhere to the social value procurement policies in Wales.

“So, supporting this event is an opportunity for companies to further show their social responsibility in this area.

“I used to work at Chepstow Racecourse so I know what a great day out a race day can be, and we’ve had tremendous support for this event from within Blake Morgan, from Phil Jardine, head of property.”

Every year in Wales, around 10,000 young people across the country ask for help with homelessness and that figure is estimated to be over 150,000 across the UK.

Llamau works throughout Wales to try and prevent homelessness and provide safe accommodation for those who find themselves without it.

They support housing projects, domestic abuse refuges, mental health back-up and also provide education and training for young people.

Llamau have worked with partners in other sports events, such as Cardiff Half Marathon, but consider the race day opportunity at Chepstow to offer something unique.

Llamau corporate fundraising manager Michael Houghton says: “Having influencers and decision-makers from these sponsors, all in the room together, is where we can make a real impact.

“We can help create strong, business-led support for the people of Wales.

“It’s a very enjoyable day, it raises lots of money, but it also enables people to consider the connection between what we all take for granted and what young people facing homelessness have never really had.

“We have helped young people who had never been to the theatre before, go along and see My Fair Lady, or youngsters get to the beach for the day, who had never even done that before even though they live as close to the beach as Cardiff.

“In the current economic climate, things are harder and we are seeing a large influx of young people who need our help and support in their lives as never before.”

So far, the sponsors on the day include Hodge, Celsa Group, NJP, Office Visions, TM Group, Concept Fire and Safety and SFI Limited.

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