Competitors climb over one of Chepstow Stampede's obstacles.
Competitors climb over one of Chepstow Stampede's obstacles.

About Chepstow Stampede

What Is Chepstow Stampede?
Chepstow Stampede is an event that suits the whole family, and is open to all ages! This is a tough course with obstacles to test your speed, strength and endurance over 5km and 10km distances. However, it is the perfect course to make your start in obstacle running with a team of friends or colleagues over the 5k course.
Two competitors celebrate after completing the Chepstow Stampede course.

The course has been designed to introduce the novice to the physical demands of cross country running, whilst also challenging the hardiest elite runners. It includes manmade horse hurdles and maximises the natural obstacles of the stunning surrounding landscape, including ditches and mud pits.

Competitors starting the Chepstow Stampede.

You’ll scale steep banks, conquer leg-burning hills and run through water as well as running through the picturesque surroundings of Chepstow Racecourse and Piercefield Park, while taking in beautiful sections of the Wye Valley Walk – if you have any energy left to enjoy the view!

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Competitors from the younger generation start the the Chepstow Stampede Mini-Stampede.

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