UK Running Events 5KSunday 23rd April 2017

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UK Running Events presents “Inflatable 5k” and “5k Zombie Survival Run”.

Sunday 23rd April

5k Inflatable Obstacle Run

Chepstow here we come! Get ready to experience the ultimate 5k inflatable obstacle run in the UK. The course is packed with the some of the largest and most extreme inflatable obstacles ever created.

10 Gigantic Inflatable Obstacles

Pit your wits against ten giant inflatable obstacles that will let you flip, bounce & boing your way around an incredibly fun 5k course.

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“The best thing to happen to running, since the invention of trainers!”

UK Running Events are encouraging more people to “get out and run” and have
devised a series of ultimate 5km runs to engage and enthral people to do just that!
Our Inflatable 5K series features gigantic inflatable obstacles placed around a 5km
course. The obstacles are some of the largest, most extreme and enjoyable inflatable
obstacles ever created.

These fun inflatables allow participants to bong, bounce, crawl, climb and slide their way around the fun course. Obstacles such as ‘oh Balls!’ have participants bouncing over 4 gigantic inflatable balls in a famous TV game show style obstacle. Despite their massive size, the events are suitable for participants of all athletic abilities and families, and children are actively encouraged to take part. There are group and family discounts available at all the events.

Special themed versions of the inflatable 5km Runs see participants surviving a
Zombie apocalypse, by dodging and evading, the undead, between obstacles and
our Festive Santa Run events are a real spectacle to behold. fancy dress is
welcomed at all of our events.